CPI Advertising: Reviews of Mobile Ad Networks

CPI Advertising – Honest Reviews of Ad Networks

Every app marketer and developer is eager to opt for the most efficient monetizing ad network featuring the highest revenue. Current top models include CPM, CPC, CPD, CPI and PPV networks. Some may find it difficult to choose the right one, as there are many key features to consider before making up one’s mind.


How Much Will It Cost?

The first question every marketer asks is “how much will it cost”. There are no strict rules. Ad models do not establish fixed prices that will guarantee high rank and revenue. At the same time, spending 30%-50% of cost investments without implementation of additional tools will appear to be nothing more but a waste of money and time. For instance, you have your bids based on the CPM network but you still haven’t chose the most appropriate keywords. In this case you will hardly rich a high ROI. The right option should be based on a particular strategy and available promotion tools.

What is the Idea of CPC Bids?

CPC bid is certainly the right choice whenever you need to benefit from high ROI at short notice. In other words, the higher CPC rate you bid, the higher CTR rate you will get in addition to a high ROI level for the entire advertising campaign.

Why Opting for CPI?

CPI ad campaign appears to be one of the most popular models with app marketer and promoters. The reason is rather simple as it can be easily engaged with all major mobile platforms and portable devices powered by iOS and Android. Whenever a user proceed with an app download and installation, you get paid by the advertiser. The structure is very simple.

How is CPI measured?

CPI can be calculated via the formula CPI = Cost/Number of Installs. In average, advertisers pay from $3 to $10 per every installation competed by the user.

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